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WOWOWOW what a day!  Kendra and I had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Vic Finch, Team supervisor of Building safety for Overland Park Planning and Development, and Mr. Dave Doljac, Senior Plans Examiner.  It was fun and absolutely great to meet with both of these men who are highly concerned for everyone’s safety as well the quality of facility you are choosing with New Birth Company.

I personally enjoyed sharing our passion and love for birth centers as well as the midwifery scope of care.  Since there are no other birth centers in Overland Park, it is really hard for people to understand the different culture a birth center has.  We took the time to diagram and explain how birth centers are different from hospitals.  ALSO, how the midwifery model of care is NOT drive by productivity but more through the process of relationships with the families we serve.

We discussed our values of the prenatal clinic visit.  One of the values has to do with the time you spend with your midwife rather than the time you spend waiting on your midwife.  We do NOT want you waiting on us, in the “waiting room” or clinic room.  Our goal and standard is that you to come in and enjoy the beautiful planned community room briefly then go back for your appointment as planned.  The maximum time in the clinic will be the face to face time with your midwife!!!! This is important to us…we value your time!

Well after 2 hours of chatting, Kendra and I headed out to Quick Trip!  Yep, a cool drink in the summer does the body good!  Mr. Finch and Doljac emailed us some wonderful comments soooooo, our fabulous architect Joel Perry will make a few design changes and resubmit the permit!

I am happy with today’s meeting!!!!

Estimated Due Dates

One of the MOST important aspects of your prenatal care is to clearly identify your due date!  Historically, the “gold standard” for getting your due date as accurate as possible is to base it on your last menstrual period(LMP).  This method of calculation is used throughout the world and has proven itself as very accurate.  HOWEVER, it can be a huge  problem to consider accurate IF a woman is unsure of her LMP.

It is not unusual to now really know your LMP, an for some women is quite common for the following reasons.


  • Irregular periods making tracking the “time of the month” harder unless you actually write it on a calendar to refer to.
  • Breastfeeding a baby can alter your ovulation, making tracking when you actually got pregnant difficult.
  • Some areas of the world do not use calendars which really makes the dating difficult.

So how do you know when you are really due?

Well, that is a great question!  I can answer that question in several manners.  First, many women know when they actually got pregnant based on monitoring closely when they ovulate and have intercourse.  REALLY!  When you ovulate your bodies gives out signs that  ovulation is happening and if you have intercourse at the same time the probability of pregnancy is high! THE accuracy of your due date is best if you know when you ovulated(and more information on ovulation would be another blog topic).

We can also figure out your estimated due date (EDD) by ultrasound, “sort-of”.  This is done by measuring the head of the baby to the end of the spine, called a “crown-rump” measurement.  The best time to measure for MOST accurate due dates is during the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy. The Ultrasound machine then calculates  your baby and compares it to the “average size” of  baby at a certain growth and “estimates” a due date within one week.

If an Ultrasound is done after 12 weeks it has a 2 week error margin on accurate calculations of your due date.  Yep 2 week error margin, so if you have an ultrasound and the tech tells you they think your EDD is 12/25 (Christmas Day) remember that your baby could still be within the limits of the Ultrasound by being born on Dec.11 through Jan 5. Keep in  mind knowing your LMP is a better EDD than by Ultrasound.

One the “old fashion” ways to determine the EDD (and still remains as a high standard) is when you feel the baby move for the first time really well and that the top of the uterus is felt in line with your belly button when you are reclining.  When this all lines up, you are at 20 weeks!  It is really a great way we use to make sure your body is matching the date we have decided on.  Ask your provider to help you feel the top of your uterus–it is really fabulous!

After 28 weeks of pregnancy- it is really hard to get an accurate EDD within 2 weeks, therefore making the pregnancy harder to establish as normal. If an Ultrasound is completed, it can have a 3 week error margin!!!!

New Birth Company Birth Center had a due date given by our contractors of June 17th, for our completion.  Unfortunately, at this time we have come against a snag, or maybe I should say an ROCK WALL.  We have not received all of our permits for building the reaming parts of the building!  It is really frustrating to be held up by the permit people in Overland Park.  Basically we request a permit, and then the planning department responds with questions or approval.  We have been quick to answer all questions within 24 hours and serve as ready for any more at any time.  Unfortunately, Overland Park has a process where they are not obligated to respond to requests for 21 days.  They actually make us wait the entire 21 days to respond to our permitting process. The delay is not only very painful, but also very expensive to us as we are making payments for a facility we are not using. We have spent countless hours in meetings, writing letters, talking on the phone and waiting. I have been told, this is there slow time, and I wonder, really?

I think getting an accurate EDD is very important, even for New Birth Company.  Inaccurate information is costly, time, consuming and painful!

Choices in Childbirth –who makes the decision you or your insurance company.

We only have a few birth days!  Our bodies are born as girls and mature into women with the ability to give birth.  We only give birth a few times in our lives.  Therefore, we need to focus on birth as a unique, valued time in a woman’s live where we celebrate the miracle and blessing of birth. A BIRTH day is a day of life, celebration and family!

Choosing the best setting for your birth day is very important.  Due to incredible marketing, hospitals rank as the number one birth option for women and their families to use to give birth.  Out of hospital births are not as common but on a rapid rise, they are like on of our best kept secrets.  There are a myriad of reasons  one might  choose an out of hospital birth as opposed to a hospital birth.  Primarily men and women are now leaning towards more affordable birth options while reducing the risks to mothers and babies.

Sadly the number on risk to a woman in labor is surgical intervention.  Failed induction, adverse response to induction and fear are the number one reasons that surgical births are occurring.   Surgical births is also very expensive and increases the risks for women and their babies after delivery with infection, respiratory illness, blood clots, prolonged hospitalization, undue pain etc., etc. etc.



Lets talk a little about how you can choose your birth setting.

  • Check out your options, visit local birth centers, take a tour, ask them how they handle safety.
  • Talk to the midwives, ask about their philosophy of birth, how they handle emergencies, when are they present for you birth.
  • Talk to the doctors, ask about their philosophy of birth, how they handle emergencies, when are they present for your birth.
  • ASK EVERYONE ABOUT COSTS.  Remember the costs of the hospital are called facility fees, asked about other fees too!  Like the costs of the pediatrician, the medicines, the doctor or midwife, the room, anesthesia, there are a lot of “hidden costs” get it all in writing.
  1. Did you know that the “average” cost for a natural vaginal birth in the hospital here in Kansas City is $12,500.00.
  2. Did you know that the “average” cost for a natural vaginal birth at a birth center in the Kansas City area is $4500…and this cost INCLUDES the fee for your midwife, your baby, any medications used during birth or immediately after birth, all NB screening, aromatherapy, nutrition, water birth, staff, and much more.
  3. Did you know that birth center staff must be certified like hospital staff in Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and Neonatal resuscitation?
  4. Did you know that birth centers have available medications for you if you need an IV, treatment for infection such as GBS, treatment for hemorrhage and many other concerns of  delivery?
  5. Did you know that our states both Kansas and Missouri license free standing birth centers (and I am talking about those who are NOT part of a hospital)?
  6. Did you know that government based health care insurance plans credential birth centers.  In other words reimburse them for services they offer?
  7. Did you know that birth centers do work with hospitals and OB/GYNs if you need more help getting your baby born or need to transfer your care?  They are prepared in emergencies and are ready if and when one may happen.

So, if you are considering choosing an out of hospital birth setting, and your insurance company is telling you to “pick a hospital”, let them know the 7 statements I wrote above.    You are the consumer of the insurance plan you carry—ask them to consider saving MORE money by adding  a birth center to their listing of birth options.  They will save money and you will have an incredible birth day!

Let me know your thoughts!  There is SO much to talk about and I have just touched the tip of a BIG ICEBERG here!


Rhythmic Music and New Birth Company;Relaxed Momma=Healthy Baby!

Rhythmic Music and New Birth Company have partnered to bring you the premiere most innovative relaxation for pregnancy and birth.  Together we have mastered music, rhythm, words and Mom’s Belly ointment to help guide you holistically with a healthy pregnancy.

Prolonged stress can deplete our immune system and hinder our body’s ability to function.  Stress can occur in a variety or areas: workplace, home, financial, and even being pregnant.  Our bodies change and adapt so much during pregnancy, it is often very hard to relax and allow total freedom of our minds to rest.

We are a very busy culture, and finding rest is often difficult.  Because when we do stop and rest, we can not stop thinking.  We think about our work, our children, what we need to prepare for dinner, our babies, and on and on.

This CD was made just for you.  LISTEN to INCREDIBLE BIRTH DAY music at anytime you need to DE-stress and want to focus on your baby.  Use the belly cream to sooth your growing skin and touch your baby before it is born.

Our MOM’s products are made at New Birth Company by our midwives.  We have spent years preparing and designing the products to meet your needs as a mother. They are prepared with natural healing products from our gardens to you.

We care about you and want you to experience an INCREDIBLE BIRTH DAY.

You can order the CD and the belly cream from NEW BIRTH COMPANY by going to the website.  It the shopping cart is not up, go ahead and send us an email with your name, address, and phone number.  We will call you and take your credit card information over the phone.

The cost are:

INCREDIBLE BIRTH DAY CD is $15.00,plus sales tax and shipping if needed

Mom’s Belly Ointment is $15.00,plus sales tax and shipping if needed

We are offering BOTH The Mom’s Belly Ointment and Incredible Birth CD together  for $25.00 plus sales tax and shipping if needed.

COMING SOON: FAITH GUIDED- INCREDIBLE BIRTH CD featuring rhythmic music through hymns and empowering scripture

Sleep Well Momma!

Good sleep can do the body well!  Yes, we all know how important it is to catch some really good sleep!

As midwives, sometime, we don’t get enough of the “good sleep” because we are anticipating a call or maybe helping a baby be born.  It is like being pregnant too, sometimes it is really hard to get that good sleep.

If you are preggo here are some tips to help you get a good night sleep:

* exercise —of course at least 5 hours BEFORE you go to bed.  Exercise not only helps your body prepare for a fabulous birth, it also increases endorphins in your brain that help your body rest and relax more.  The absolute best exercise, when you are preggo is to walk.  Walking is considered a weight bearing exercise and the movements of your hip bones as you walk it is like lubing the joints, muscles, and ligaments with oil.

* Avoid caffeine.  We are not sure if and how caffeine really effects your baby in an adverse or “bad way”, based on research etc.  However, we do know it effects you.  The logical then points to the fact if it effects you it probably effects the baby.  Avoiding caffeine is a great idea to enhance sleep.  There are two times that I recommend using caffeine during pregnancy.  First, I may consider offering a little caffeine & sugar beverage to you if you are over 32 weeks pregnant and you tell me you have not felt the baby move.  Usually this wakes the baby right up.  If it does not wake up the baby, then you need to be seen by your midwife.  The other time I may encourage a little caffeine is when labor is “going forever” and you are fatigued.  I know it is crazy, but the last bit of energy helps get over the curve!

* Lastly -make sure you are sleeping on a good mattress, and can support your preggo body with pillows.  Frequently a pillow between you legs and just under your belly will really make you comfortable!

At New Birth Company, Kendra and I found some really AWESOME wood built beds for you to use at the birth center.  We purchased them on sale from BASSET FURNITURE as they are going out of business (trying to be good stewards of our money). They are very sturdy and strong, ready to give you great labor and birth support!

I hope you enjoy them.  The canopy bed will be going in the Cosmopolitan room…it is so beautiful!  The darker Walnut bed will be going in the Classic room.  Both offer great comfort for you mom’s and room for “the family” after the birth.  All of our beds are queen size, so even I can sit with you in labor.  My favorite place to be!  Here are some pictures!

Sleep well tonight!

Adding appointments

We just enlisted another physician into our group!  What this means is that if you have a concern or problem we have two levels to refer and consult your case on.  Both are willing and open to co-management so that you still have the option of choosing where your baby is born.

We are working with the fetal medicine group called Obstetrix, which includes Dr. Wickstrom and Dr. Lu.  They are happy to see you if there is a concern of high risk and continue also your care with us as indicated.

In addition, Dr. Janetta Proverbs is standing by if you need surgery.  Dr. Christine Boylan is ready to help with your new baby and your family if needed.

Kelly Fritz & Cathy Gordon are the initial midwives who are seeing clients now.  More are coming!

We are also adding registered nurse right now too!  It is so exciting!

I am so excited!  Our due date for construction is June 17,2011, so we are going to open our appointments!

Yippee and there is talk of adding more services -wow!  I will keep you posted as it happens.

To make an appointment —just click on “appointment” on the web page!  We will be happy to partner with you for an INCREDIBLE BIRTH DAY!